Small businesses benefit tremendously from hiring a professional virtual assistant (VA). These benefits include:

  • More time to focus on your business.

  • Lower recruitment and training costs when a professional VA is used to handle the recruiting and hiring process.

  • More cost-efficient than hiring a traditional employee. You only pay for the time they work and do not have to pay for breaks, vacation, and other employee benefits.

  • Work remotely and do not require you to provide office space. Most VA's have their own equipment and will not require you to purchase additional equipment for them to perform their duties.

  • Experts in their field, have various specialties, and have flexible work schedules.

  • Increased productivity and access to the best talent.

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Personal Assistance

Administrative Work

Virtual Assistance

Hire a professional to handle your administrative work

4 hours/month:​

Administrative tasks include but are not limited to email management, ad campaigns, appointment booking, calendar management, customer service, basic spreadsheet, data reporting, data entry, etc.

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