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Developing your business is a never-ending task. It will always be changing, growing, and evolving. As you develop your business you will need various professionally curated documents to represent your brand. Check out the list of documents we have available and if you do not see a document you need listed, email us so we can add it!

Document with Pen

Sponsorship Letters

Business Development

Send professionally curated sponsorship letters to potential vendors, sponsors, investors and partners. Select from various styles, provide the required information and present your business in the marketing place as a professional powerhouse. 

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Speaker One Sheet

Business Development

A speaker one sheet, otherwise known as a “speaker sheet” or “one-pager,” is a one page document (one or two-sided) explaining who you are, what you speak about, and why the event planner reading it should hire you. In other words, your one sheet is a brief resume for your speaking experience. 

Business Handshake

Capability Statement

Business Development

Professionally designed capability statements perfect for government contracting or presenting your business experience and accolades. 

Business Presentation

Business Pitch

Business Development

A business pitch is a presentation/introduction of your business to a group of people who can help take your business to the next level. You can pitch to, investors who can help fund your idea; potential customers who will pay for your product or service; advocates who will support your idea.

Pitches can range from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on your audience and objective!

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Media Kit/ Pitch Deck

Business Development

A media kit (also known as a press kit) is a collection of promotional materials that helps reporters and bloggers write articles about your brand.

Pitch Decks are similar to Media Kits.

They provide a professionally designed overview of your business, project or brand and are often sent to potential investors, partners, or clients.

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Business Plans

Business Development

Let our business coaches deign the perfect business plan for you. Whether you need it for funding, investment opportunities, partnerships or just need it in your businesses portfolio, we got you covered.

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