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Interested in being a Sponsor, Guest Speaker or Co-Host?

Gain more exposure, add credentials/skills/experience to your resume, or really be apart of the vision to help entrepreneurs develop and scale their business.

Become a Sponsor

* All sponsors have the option of adding any promotional or marketing materials to The Bosses Swag Bag that will be given to all attendees at the in-person event.

** 5 minutes to speak at an in-person event if an in-person occurs during your sponsorship

*** In-person events are subject to change and are not guaranteed to happen each month. They are curated based on each month's virtual Bosses desire to meet in-person.

Exclusive Venue Sponsor

Do you have a restaurant, event space, or office space that you'd like to gain more exposure for? 

Do you want to get your business more involved with community networking events?

Are you looking to market your business to professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs?

We are looking to partner with local brick-and-mortar businesses for our monthly in-person Meet & Greets! Your business would be recognized as The Bosses Table Exclusive Venue Sponsor for the month.

  • Promoted on all email and social media marketing platforms

  • 2-4 minutes speaking time as spotlighted business owner at the virtual and in-person Meet & Greet

  • Add any promotional or marketing materials to the Bosses Swag Bag

Become a Guest Speaker or Host

Become a Guest Speaker or Host

Boss Up at the Table

Being a guest speaker or co-host will not only help you gain exposure and position you as an expert in your industry, but will also give you public speaking experience to add to your resume. 

It's a win-win. Why not Boss Up?

Become A Vendor

Become a Vendor
Business Meeting

Bring your Table to our Table!

Become a BossesTable Vendor at our in-person events. Bosses get reduced discounted vendor fees at our locally hosted events to help promote your business, gain exposure and network while making a profit.

Complete our vendor application today.

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