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Join The Bosses as we take the virtual table to a real life dinner table.

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Hosted by Tiffany TKO Overby,
Founder & CEO at TKOverby Business Consulting.

Join me as we bring the Bosses from the Virtual Meet and Greet to real, live, in-person networking events.  We will support local businesses by patronaging restaurants with dining in and breaking bread with one another, at a real table. 

The venue and date changes each month so make sure you register to stay in the know of when and where The Bosses Table will pop up next. The RSVP List is limited so don't wait until it's too late.

Network and dine with us as we connect, collaborate and cultivate an environment for business owners to really feel like bosses.

Thanks for registering.

I want to Network & Dine with The Bosses on 6/30/2023

Interested in being an attendee, Sponsor, or Guest Speaker at the Virtual Event?

Gain more exposure, add credentials/skills/experience to your resume, or really be apart of the vision to help entrepreneurs develop and scale their business.

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